News and Articles – 2011

November 2011:  Interview of Simon Denison-Smith in the Manual of Ideas
An interview in The Manual of Ideas, a high quality online research resource for value investors, providing screening and detailed research on specific value ideas. Click on the link above for a copy of the interview, which provides commentary on two of our investments.

November 2011 :  Why every Non Executive should think like Warren Buffett
We authored this article on behalf of the Winmark NED Network (, a forum for Non Executive Directors, representing over 200 public companies and numerous private companies. It was published to the network on 8 November 2011. The article sets out a suggested framework for how Non Execs should think about capital allocation, particularly regarding acquisitions.

May 2011 :  The Berkshire Shareholders Meeting
Jonathan and I attended the annual shareholders meeting in Omaha.  This year was always going to be interesting, coming so soon after the abrupt departure of David Sokol, who had been widely tipped as the successor to the operational management role of Berkshire.   The event lived up to expectations with a set of high quality questions and the usual lively, witty and insightful responses from the Chairman and Vice Chairman.