Metropolis Capital focuses on a single investment strategy, which investors can access either through its pooled vehicles or via segregated mandate (for institutional clients):  a long-only global equity investment strategy, with a focus on developed markets, unconstrained on company size and geography.  The strategy is long-term and high conviction with 15-25 positions.

A methodology crafted from the first principles of value investing

Our methodology draws upon the approaches and methodologies of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.  In particular, it searches for businesses with strong franchises in their particular markets. Often Metropolis adopts a contrarian approach, focusing on those companies which have fallen out of favour with the market because of perceived short-term problems or market risk.

Metropolis looks at each investment on a long-term basis with no specific time horizon for achieving a return, although average hold periods are 5+ years. The fund ignores short-term share price volatility, seeking instead returns through cash dividends and long-term market recognition of the fundamental value of its investments.