MI Metropolis Valuefund


The MI Metropolis Valuefund is a UK based Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC), regulated by the FCA. The fund’s goal is to generate long term capital gains by investing in listed companies, which have been carefully selected to meet our quality criteria, and are undervalued in relation to their future cash generation capability. It makes long-only, unleveraged investments in a concentrated portfolio (15-25 holdings) of global equities using a value-based approach, with low turnover. The fund provides daily pricing to investors.

Fund Information

Sector IA Global
Holdings 15 to 25
Max. Cash Position 20%
Fund Liquidity Daily
Fund Dealing Daily
Valuation Point 4.30 pm (UK)
Prices quoted 2 decimal places
ISA Eligibility Yes
SIPP Eligibility Yes
ACD Maitland Institutional Services Ltd
Auditor  KPMG LLP
Custodian Northern Trust Company


Key Investor Information Document (KIID) – UK


For dealing and administration in the fund, please contact Maitland at http://maitlandgroup.com/

Share Classes

Name Ticker ISIN SEDOL Bloomberg ID
MI Metropolis Valuefund A Class Accumulation SFMET2A LN GB00B3LDLX86 B3LDLX8 BBG004HSHLZ8
MI Metropolis Valuefund A Class Income SFMET2I LN GB00B67KWW06 B67KWW0 BBG004HSJ493


For more information on the fund, please contact Metropolis Capital on 00 44 208 7528177 or e-mail investorservices@metropoliscapital.co.uk