Metropolis Capital Limited is a UK based Investment Management firm, specialising in unconstrained, high conviction, global equity investment.

The fund managers are entrepreneurs, Simon Denison-Smith and Jonathan Mills, who met in 1990 whilst working as strategy consultants with Bain & Company. After Bain, they separately went on to launch a software and a media business respectively. The investment methodology of the firm draws extensively from their combined 40 years of experience building and running successful businesses, in particular from the careful and successful allocation of investor capital into over 30 private company buy-outs, combined with their experience since 2008 of running a successful long-only investment strategy focused on publically listed global equities.


We are “investors” not “speculators”, seeking a return from long-term appreciation of value and dividends from a concentrated portfolio of 15-25 stocks.  For each investment decision, we apply a disciplined and rigorous methodology.

  • Quality at a reasonable price: Invest in businesses with a protective ‘moat’, trading at a price below our view of the company’s intrinsic value.  Emphasis on management and who are good allocators of capital.  We particularly like “owner occupied” (founder-led) businesses
  • A private equity approach to public markets: Consider each investment as if the fund is buying the whole business which involves deep due diligence on business and management quality
  • Long-term: Focused on absolute returns over 3-5 years, we regard short-term price volatility as an opportunity
  • Aligned with investors: Both fund managers have 100% of their listed equity investments in the fund
  • A background of real business experience: The fund managers are able to use their experience of building, running, buying and selling real businesses to give them a deeper understanding of the companies they now invest in